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I’m an average woman, living an average life, working an average job….who dreams of doing extraordinary things, and being an extraordinary person! NEVER stop dreaming!

I love all things art but tend to gravitate to paper crafting, mixed media, and fiber arts.

Please leave comments – I enjoy the feedback. If you find anything here that is a copyright infringement please notify me and I will address it immediately.

May God bless you today and cause His face to shine upon you!


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Francie!
    I got an email alert where you started following some of my boards…so I clicked to look at your boards–always like to do that to find other interesting pins. I looked at your boards–beautiful! Love them! I wanted to find a way to compliment you on your boards and I saw the link for this blog page. Wow…your blog page looks awesome as well. I was scrolling down thinking this person seems so much like me..even down to Alanis M. video, That I would be Good! One of my theme songs from her…and the Tim McGraw! hahah…so many things Ive noticed that are commonalities between us. Wanted to say hello as well! Have a blessed Sunday! Happy pinning and blogging…I will definitely be back. I want to read more on the grieving process steps you’ve listed. Terry Abuali

  2. I have really enjoyed the Pinterest boards you have created and shared. So many common interests and so much inspiration. Have a wonderful day and keep Pinning!!!

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