Carve your stamps

Bunnies to start the day. Guess the series they're from :DGotta cute little #blythe in the mail! Hurrah ebay. Quite anticipating its arrival. In the meantime lets see how long this takes..A small snack of a carving (*´ω`*) so naise and soft ♡Welp. Sure got lotsa practice for corners and close lines xD clean it up more later. Hour and a half and lots of disney songs♪Postcard for Punwit #13And done!
Contours done but I think I'm gonna need more beer to finish up the leafs!ProgressReady to carve!Mothers Day cardMothers Day cardSeahorse Stamp: Hand Carved Stamp
Coral Stamp: Hand Carved Stamphand carved stamp tooth fairyhis royal harenessNew Rubber Stamp Tutorial Sneak Peekowl + heart carved stampslittle girl carved stamp
Carved stampscalicocalicocalicocalicoRubber stamps

Carve your stamps, a group on Flickr.


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